Tough Love

I want so much to cry,
but my feelings I must conceil.
Hold back the tears in my eyes,
and also this pain that I feel.
It's already been over a year now,
why must I still dwell?
Why can't I just let it go,
and forget about how far I fell?
Why don't I just get out there,
than see what life brings up?
Why must I always feel like,
life for me is so rough?
How come I'm not more like my dad,
able to shrug things off?
I wonder if he truly does
or if he acts hard trying to cover it up?
Who could be with someone 10 years,
then have them ripped away ?
So unexpected and abruptly at that
and just get over it in a day?
I don't know anyone who could
and I would never wish that upon a soul.
For, without you here in my arms,
my world is dark and ever so cold.
Be stronger, my father tells me,
now's not the time to cry.
It's probably better off, he'd say
not having said goodbye.
Do something with your life, my dad yells
he mite never come back anyway.
Acting as though it was a relationship,
that I'd had for only two days.
Chin up soldier! you've had enough time
get your act together already.
If I were in your position right now,
I wouldn't be walopping in my own self pitty.
You're probably better off anyhow, dad said
and everything happens for a reason.
Now you can move forward from today,
and change men like the seasons.
But I don't want to move on without him,
how could one be so cruel?
I tell my dad, "I'll wait for my man"
he replies, you're the suffering fool.

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