Towards an era of peace and cultural safety

Towards an era of peace we shall proceed,
Safety of our culture is in dire need.
We-the youth are the future of these lands,
It's well-being is in our hands.
It will not do to turn this land into a battlefield,
Neither happiness nor prosperity will it yield.
Due to continuous war, hatred shall birth
Bloodshed during war shall forever taint this earth.

Our culture is not spared too,
What is it? No one has got a clue.
All of us are so busy wrapped up in our own busy life,
Not seeing our culture ripped away like cloth by knife.
We-the youth can cure this,
We can proceed towards a life of peace and bliss.
Say no to discrimination, say no to war,
As their fruits are never sweet, they are always sour.
Do not dismiss your culture as unimportant,
It's absence in your life can make a huge dent.

The best way to preserve it is to keep it alive,
Our culture should be in our veins, it should thrive.
Accept all the differences all around you,
People are not equal- that's not true.
From social and cultural barriers I can breakthrough,
If you do as I say, I am sure you will too

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