Tower 23

Life was like a dream that night
But not the kind you find through sleep
Its funny how sometimes you know
Which memories youll want to keep
I saw lights dance on the water
I heard the crash of every wave
I felt the sand against my skin
I breathed every moment in

It was cold and i couldnt help but shiver
So you pulled me close and held me tight
It felt warm and safe against your chest
Like somewhere i belonged

The taste of salt on your lips
Your cold hands on my face
And my defenses swept out with the current
As i drowned in your embrace

Then from the corner of my eye I saw the pier
Stretching, longing for an unreachable horizon
And in an instant my heart sank
The moment robbed of all its beauty
What a cruel reminder
of everything well never be...

These and so many more
Are the things that ill remember
About that night you had to run and stop me
From going swimming in November

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