Who am I to stand up to them
when everyday we’re taught to sit back and listen?
They’d do anything to get the focus off their lack of morals; blurring my vision
as they stab me in the back, steering away from
admitting they’re wrong. They sit up in their tower built on hearts they’ve shattered,
but someday they’ll get tangled up in their lies,
and then it will be my turn to ignore their cries.
The only part of me that stays sore from where they’ve battered
is my golden heart fading away each time they take a hit at me.
They steal a piece of me with each lie they produce and aim,
but little do they know I'm on my way to tearing down their tower
like they’ve done to me.
They’d do whatever it takes to clear their name
even if it means tearing down someone else’s when you begin to cower.

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