Just because we have a lot of history,
Doesn't mean you belong in my future,
We held on so many times,
When we should've just let it be over,
Never again can we be together,
As much as we've tried,
We are too toxic for each other,
You're my poison,
I'm your drug,
Slowly killing each other,
It's time to pull the plug,
As hard as it is,
I have to be the strong one,
You're the only one I've ever wanted,
You're the only one I'll ever love,
But I can't do this anymore,
I need to hold on to my little bit of sanity,
I can't do that with you in my life,
You drain it right out of me,
Screaming, crying,
Holding onto nothing,
The pain is unbearable,
My insides are crushing,
Barely anything left of me,
You took it all, literally everything,
Whoever said love doesn't hurt,
My god, were they wrong,
This love has killed me internally,
Its been nothing but pain all along,
How can you feel so much, yet feel so empty?
I guess at least I'll always have the memories,
But my god, will they haunt me,
With the little strength I have,
I have to say this while I can,
With empty eyes and a broken heart,
I am finally pulling away,
I hope it's nice where you are,
But I can no longer stay,
And while I'll always love you,
I have to let you go,
But I'll never be the same,
This much I know...

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