Toxic Relationship

Dear Uterus, I know I need you
and I know one day I will appreciate you
but for now, you’re just a bitch.
It seems that no matter what I do for you,
you are always angry with me.
I wish we could just figure us out
so we could stop this tiring, painful, fight.
I miss the old us, when you didn't cause me
so much unwanted pain.
You were once so sweet
and kind it was like my feelings always
came first but now it just seems
to only be about you.
There are so many days you put me into tears
I always wish we could part our ways
but I know that I need you
and I can't lose you.
so i'm forced to swallow my feelings
and continue feel the pain
and misery that you bring into my life.
Do you remember when you
put me in the hospital and that old doctor
had to feel me up because you were so
stubborn that you wouldn't accept
the medicine I was giving you?
or the time you embarrassed me
because you decided you needed
attention on a 12 hour flight to Italy?
And there's always that one week
where you make me feel
fat, sad,unappreciated,hungry and
so stressed to the point that I breakout
in zits EVEN THOUGH I never
skip a day of my face routine.
Idk how to make you happy anymore,
I feel like I have nothing left to give
you yet you somehow manage to take
more and more from me.
You're so spoiled, I seem to buy
literally everything for you and
I never get anything in return
from the crazy amounts of food you consume,
to the expensive sticks im forced to shove
in your mouth and the expensive bras
I have to buy because you like to
change things up once a month and suddenly
my girls dont fit in any of my other bras.
And thanks to you i'm constantly cold
because you insist on being warm,
so my body is trained to take my heat
and give it to you because god
forbid your ever uncomfortable.
And don't even get me started on
you're excessive begging and pleading for a baby,
Maybe I don't want a baby right now?
Are you gonna help me financially?
therefore I can not give you a baby.
But you're just so spoiled
and you just can't take no for an answer.
You throw a massive fit and it always results
in me bleeding and hunched over in a fetal position,
Maybe when the both of us are more mature
and financially stable then maybe
I will think about taking the next step
in our relationship but as of now,
the answer is NO!
We have things we definitely
need to work on because
The mental abusive of this relationship
Is draining and sadly you're just not
the same anymore, i feel like i don't
know who you are and i hate the relationship
that we've built. but unfortunately i'm not able
to leave you i'm stuck with you
and Like I said I know one day
I will grow thankful for you and will love
the life we've created together but as of now
I want my space,
because its not me,
it's definitely you.
So here's to you my baby box,
my oven,
my uterus.
You are a bitch and….
I hate you.

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