Toy Room

You were always there for me.
I left you in the dust and just gave up on us,
or was it you who gave up on me?
It’s hard to tell when we both fell so hard.
Back and forth,
Never ending.

I don’t know how to let you go.
You latch on like a leech.
I try and try to pry you off me but no use,
you’re there.
A part of my life that may never fade.
Yet, if you love me so then why play games?

You string me along as if playing with a marionette.
Like I’m nothing but a toy to you.
You wield me at your own time choosing.
However when I act upon us you turn me away,
saying “No, we can’t” as if a broken record
on repeat.
But continue the next day to toy with my emotions.

Giving me hope
Hope that in the future there will be an us.
Hope that everything with workout
But, deep down I know they never will.
Never wanting to admit it to myself.

So I stay put in his toy room.
Like a broken toy in the corner.
Only pulled out at the end of the day
when you become bored and tiresome of your other toys.

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