Toy Soldier

Honor of America's youth created in the color red,
white, and blue,
yonder was Veteran fruit related kin mother's bled
stripe as man do.
Wept upon steps facing a child whom the womb held
as a seed,
adepth beyond concepts placing raised of the wild consu
med by the goon tell in mass age believed.
Evade war whether through mind's difficult abraision wi
th learning to process a problem,
saved Tamar fettered view behind tumult's situation ris
k earning knew access wade in the bottom.
Breathe light but prepare for treacherous roads ahead,
seeds off-white corrupt affair secure effortless episod
e of Lez.
Deviant man of so-called war chase Delilah until death,
compliant Abraham beloved before all endure faith in
higher will left.
A soldier's story without rank in truth of arms said he
shade in colder authorities pout of the plank begin roo
t because swarm led too many.

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