Started out like every other morning.
By the end of the day our whole world left mourning,
one senseless act now parents pain pouring.
This is an issue thats colorless statistically souring. Tragedy!
A word that holds rage inside,
like the heart of your loved ones know the age you died.
Whether the physical act of another or bulli-cide either way that one common question amongst us all and thats why?
As I look up at the sky tears fall to the floor feeling frail,
but thoughts of you laughter give wind to my sails. Tragedy!
A word we worry wont warn us, it left us cold though we had plans of the warmest.
To the teachers who showed us what a true hero is,
to the innocent children who didn't have the chance to live,
to the children who survived this will forever change your lives.
May we be patient and understand may out the ashes you rise.
Community a word that holds unity inside,
if we should ever overcome together thats how we'll survive.

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