Tragedy of the Ages

Constantly amerced in a temporary realm of juvenescent bliss
Soaked with countless delusional ambitions and dreams
Of boldly setting off to lands with an alluring kiss
All varnished with the same generic seams

Which promise glossy strolls down rustic avenues
And exotic nights foggy with the taste of liqueur
Enhanced by the great works of Hemmingway and Fitzgerald
Whose work is eternally worshiped by worldly romantics

Sadly they will never achieve the idealistic voyage
To claim they're youth while it continues to blossom
For money never pity's the optimistic innocence
Of dreamers who have such immense visions

With no means to realistically fulfill them
Until they're eyes are aged and no longer vivid
They'll be lost on the adventure to find the gem
Until all that is left is a kid who is livid

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