Tragedy Within My Anatomy


Toxicity flowing through my veins that make my blood boil with a sense of rage but at least it makes me feel even if that feeling is pain
My heart has grown used to thumping to the sound of screams that somehow remind my lungs to breathe
My dreams radiate a feeling of unease that make me hate the need for sleep while teasing my mind with the hope of waking up to happiness but the chemicals in my brain just disagree
I find myself grasping for anything that will make me believe I am in control but life still throws me tragedy while forcing me into a front row seat
I don't remember buying tickets to this movie and I don't like the pictures playing on the screen while I am unable to leave and forced to see
My life falling apart while my body shows the effects of struggling to preserve what I have left of myself in this mess
And suddenly I am in a bed with a heartbeat nearly dead and this overwhelming feeling of dread
That I didn't get a blood infusion to remove the illusion that toxicity flows throw my veins when really it's hope that wanted me to stay but now it's too late

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