Tragic Love

We try to make sense of things we don't know
When our minds get tired of thinking, we go with the flow
I can't explain the reasons why I feel the way I do
All I know is after all is said and done, I love you

I think back on how it is that we got to where we are
Maybe I unknowingly made a cursed wish upon a star
Which sent you to me and in your arms is where I began my fall
How can it be that you're the one who seems to outlast them all
I never knew a love could be as complex as the one we share
The mixed emotions you stir in me are really just not fair
You broke my trust and my heart and wounded my soul
Yet by your side is the only place I truly feel whole

A tragic love story is basically all I have left to tell
Of how a man dropped me from his arms yet caught me before I fell
And still with all the scrapes,bruises, and living in emotional hell
My heart, mind,body and soul just can't seem to break this spell!

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