Tragic of Hearts

Once upon a time, there lay a castle most grand,
And it lay atop an oasis in a desert of sand.
Within this fortress held captive a dame most fine,
Her visage made up of features most divine.
This was the princess, daughter of the king,
And aside from beautiful she was also many things.
The princess was talented and gifted in art,
As well as sincere and kind in the heart.
Sadly, she was locked behind the four corners of the palace,
For her family feared of the outside's malice.
The only time she could leave alone was to study at the town,
And that was where a lowly knight saw the beauty beneath her crown.
He knelt to her and offered that what he could,
Hoping the princess would see in him some good-
But instead the barrier of her family held tight,
And the restrictions on her crushed the spirit of the knight.
He vowed on his honor to still keep her happy,
Awaiting the day that the king and queen weren't so snappy.
He gave to the princess all things of romance and doves,
But was never able to truly show her his love.
She was his motivation; his light,
But forbidden it was for them to meet in the night.
They say that for eternity he kept on trying,
Longing to reach for her with his heart still crying.

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