Train Stop

Waiting for you is like sitting at a train stop,
not for trains, but for people.
I am asked over and over, "What are you looking for?"
Some ask it in annoyance,
some curiosity,
but never out of interest.
I say, "Nothing."
When I was younger, I would answer unabashedly
and say that I am looking for someone to love.
After so much time, my resolve faded
and sometimes I didn't look at all,
with eyes plastered on a novel,
I accepted my fate of
living in this waiting zone forever.
With time new courage would rise,
and I'd lift my eyes,
but never to find you.
I am waiting for the day when you ask me,
"What are you looking for?"
and the day when I look into your eyes,
see how you care,
and answer,
"I am looking for someone to love."
That day you'll say "Me too." and you'll take my hand
and we will leave that place.
That is what it's like to wait for you.

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