You call me Judas, A name I don't deserve
Once you'd always see the best in me now you believe the worst
The truth will never come out because you leave my side unheard
Blame everything on me so that I can feel you're hurt
My crime is not betrayal
Something I'd never do
Its ignorance I didn't know
If I did I would've protected you
We should've been more cautious
They caught us all off guard
Oh when the mighty fall
They hit rock bottom hard
I let you see the real me
No mask or paint to hide my face
I trusted you to know me
At least to let me plead my case
You convict me as guilty
Of this crime I'd never commit
Without the trial I deserve
You cast me out with no regret
You should've been the first to defend me
Not the first to blindly accuse
Join the others throwing stones
Aimed at me but meant for you
You call me Judas but I know you know
I'd die before I'd cause you pain
I suffer a punishment I never deserved
So you the real Judas can escape without blame

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