You promised you had my back,
And then you pulled out your knife,
You went back on your word, completely absurd,
And that’s when you ruined my life.

You spilled my very own secrets,
You threw me under the bus,
Your promise you broke, and lies you spoke,
About me and I didn’t make a fuss.

You stepped aside when I needed you,
You used me for your own dirty games,
And when I was silent, you became violent,
And on me you imposed the blame.

I can’t ever understand how you,
Managed to turn the tables around,
You lied through your teeth, and watched me seethe,
With rage, but I didn’t whisper a sound.

You took advantage of me,
When I trusted you with my heart and soul,
But now when I think, you wanted to me to sink,
That was your one and only goal.

I will never be able to ever guess,
Why you stabbed me in the back,
That’s something I won’t know so I have to let go,
And focus on my own track.

You were just an acquaintance,
When I considered you to be my friend,
That’s something that hurts but for what it’s worth,
I’m glad that finally came to an end.

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