Traits of the Oppressor

To silence the voices of change
through racial tyranny and injustice
the smothering of new ideas and visions
that would breathe life into the lifeless
Separating ones offspring from cultural awareness
renewing the cycle of hate
while bestowing in them an untrue
inferiority is a foreordain fate
To reject the responsibility of their immoral behavior
that impedes a nation from healing
forgetting four-hundred years of slavery
forgetting four-hundred years of rape, murder, stealing
Constructing dams of disparity
to quench a never-ending thirst
refusing to concede to reality
people of color enriches this earth
Time and again they gather in clandestine meetings
fuel by the illusion of a superior race
their unity is define by the virgin garments they bear
that strangely conceals their face
Spawn from hate, cradle by ignorance
they stand tall and proud
from the young to the old
believing in a god, that would judge color
and not Souls

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