Transcend Thoughts

This paper is a mere sketch of my thoughts
this twisted mind is tied in a million knots
to see this moment, all the craziness I fought
the world showed me wrong and that's what I bought
trying to get the tracks straight, everything comes with curves
settling for a simple journey would be worse
the richest caught in nets, sadly dollars display their worth
and they say actions speak louder than words
so let me do something beyond this world
don't take whispers to the heart
in a never ending race , with no end or start
seems like my brain and heart can never be pulled apart
at least now I can identify whose idea was this art
no matter how many, all part of the journey
or a piece of the masterpiece
concocted by the mastermind who built it all upon peace
selfish natures just want theirs so they tear into pieces
letting human species go to feces
guess it is all connected like a collage
don't control desires, just direct em when it gets hard
difficult to move past this mirage
living in my fantasies but one of the realest thus far
insincerity all around, happy-ending bound
no fear of death, happily settle when bliss comes around
all seen and contemplated rights and wrongs, ups and downs
never think twice if something turns a frown upside down
free your soul from word around town
ones acting the toughest are the biggest clowns
they ask why I laugh in great amounts when everything greatly amounts

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