She wanders alone in the streets,
Her whole being in a state of decadence.
She passes by coffee shops and boutiques,
Her expression always jaded.
Before, she was enthralling and vibrant.
She had a smile that could woo any man,
And a sophisticated and cultured mouth.
She walked with an unctuous air and took no umbrage to anything.
Brushed off the catty remarks of the other girls.
But that life dissipated in an instant.
The proof being the lurid sanguine stains on her dress.
Now she walks by families and busy people.
When they laugh as they walk by, she watches in silence.
She long abandoned trying to elicit a response.
Her touch only invoked confusion and petulant shrugs.
She looks for her lover amongst the crowds,
The last "I love you" stuck on her tongue.
She can't remember the way home,
Where he waits and weeps, aching for her warmth.
But she's a cold vagrant in the trees,
With an indefinite hiatus on life.
Nothing assuages her anguish.
Her future once so propitious,
Now cloaked in failure and finality.
Silently tears fall from her icy blue eyes.
As she waits for her soul to transcend this world.

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