‘I am vast’
I hear you whispered through my being.
Every inch of my soul and beyond feels this
I have no other way to turn but you.

I look within only to see the deep valleys
Rifts in the earth, endless miles,
Cutouts of one plain leading to another.

I hear the silence echoing between my
Lungs, filling my breaths with you.
Oh how it is deafening and yet so beautiful,
It is the eternity to get lost in.

I know not from where this comes, for I do not
Believe in such things as enlightenment,
But this ecstasy which fills my veins,
Coursing through my heart has no origin
It is true, it is pure. Love.

I understand what it is and yet mere words
Are failing this mortal’s love for you.

For I have not time, nor capacity, to describe
That plateau set so marvelously against the
Ocean of eternity, which tries so very hard
To reach heavenwards to you, and in its failure
Leaves me transfixed a million times over by each
Celestial-bodied grace, burning their names
Onto an ever changing heart.

And I have not the literacy to illustrate, what it
Is to be trapped between the space and time
Where sky and earth meet. In a place
Where all that is or ever will be is the silence.
Where all truly becomes still.
I am only here, but I still feel myself there
Amidst the kindred silence.

I feel my soul home in You, where I belong
Lost in the Wonders, in the West.
Lost in You.

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This Poems Story

The written embodiment of my view on the natural world. It makes me think of the vast plains in Utah where there is nothing but open road and silence.