Transfixed Time

Written words to touch the soul
Open eyes to avoid disguise
Reality defined completely blind
Lighting up this path of life
Deliver hope, deliver a fight

Power to overcome evil & hate
Elevated above the chaotic clouds
Always & forever a child of earth
Create the power to change

Evolve to a higher state of mind
Being blind is not so kind
Opened eyes, they come to find
Raw truth beyond this world
That lies always intertwined

Time controls this whole lifetime,
Tick tock says the clock as we are bind
Forever exists only to ones
that transfer to space
Beyond this earth, free & untamed

One second, one breath
We feel life through death
As our spirits flee our shells
Embrace the change
that's brought with grace
And the story begins, like a blank page waiting to be written again

With the same soul,
At the beginning of this timeless space
Where all doors open to a forever place
Blinded and birthed into this wicked world
The story that tells, begins untold.

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