Transitorily immortal

Victories are just a mark
set for others to challenge and subdue,
but time indicates an immortal mark
and for that reason man is challenged.

For every mark of time he sets
man becomes eternally great,
until his fellow human comrade
conquers his fate.

He’s immortalized by an angular measurement
of which his peers have developed into a science.

His life; to beat that clock!
Those precious seconds that lead to firsts,
and those intoxicated same precious fractions
that bring him back to mortality.
like being stripped of stripes
from some unknown ranking
of an eternal organic supremacy.

will we eventually over the years
become so immortalized
that time could not measure our prowess?
or will we continue to live
with periods of supremacy for individuals?

But time is just for record,
a way of measuring the distance of human survival
and development into the future,
as we repetitiously travel
in an awkward spiral of living.

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    This Poems Story

    This was written many years back when i was watching the Olympics. Realizing that in the sprints, both running and in swimming especially, that the difference between winning and losing was 100ths even 1,000ths of a second. ________Immortality, is nothing more than being praised and remembered for your accomplishments you made mortal. _________ The last two lines of the last Stanza refers to the fact that fads and life, in time, always comes around full circle.