Can you see me? Can you hear me?
I'm floating by your side watching quietly
You think i'm a spirit, maybe even a ghost
This isn't a joke yet you think i should find a host.
I've been standing here forever
Inside me i want to scream but no, never
So i move forward to talk, and then shrink away
And i think " Why ruin someone's day?"
I feel i'm alone yet everybody's around me
I think i'm transparent because they can't see me.
"Why is this happening?" I ask myself
A snide voice replies "It'll get worse, watch yourself"
I whirl around and see nobody
Tears stream down my face, shivers run through my body
Yet nobody sees me, they just walk by
I wish i could curl up in a corner and cry.
I thought i made my mark in the world
That my wings to freedom finally unfurled
And then reality bites me harsh, cold and cruel
They're the fire and i'm the fuel
They can't see me, they can't hear me.
I don't think i'm floating anymore but i'm not free
Maybe i'm a spirit,ghost. My soul doesn't exist anymore.

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