Transparent [April 16, 2016]

The frozen landscape barren
Alone and desolate, he is transparent
Through the decades of decaying time
He has never felt truly alive

The winter's cold bites and chews
It turns his soul to ice with words untrue
Even though he is calm within a storm of hate
He cannot turn away from his fate

In the darkness of his demented mind
He pictures the corpses of mankind
So tired of being turned away
He becomes more distant, to this world of gray

In his sleep he is tormented by dreams of love
Just to wake up to a life of none
Being stabbed by a knife of transparent form
He begins to break, he starts to change
He begins to transform

When at last he opens his eyes
Nothing was as desolate as his mind
Surrounded by hundreds who lie and ignore
Fate had found him in the storm

Still trapped within his nightmare he fights
He kills without discretion, with no sight
No one can escape the destruction of his might
For he is a winter storm, white in the night

The storm grows larger now, he has been consumed
He is lost to the world now, he is doomed
Many try to save him, but with no avail
They try to kill him, but cannot prevail

For he is no longer a person of reason and logic
He is a force of nature, insane and psychotic
For he is anger and sorrow incarnate
Transparent to the world, this is his fate

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