Transparent wick

Hard to understand a heart that is meant to ignite the flame we call love isolated in
blue flame confused in fantasies where it takes two..
love stays transparent
Passion starts feeling like spaced out lost galaxys drifting further apart from one another
expectations stay in fairy tales like a geenie confined in its own thoughts
it gives away a piece of themselves to Grant every wish what we forget to remember
"pain" isn't meant to live under a magical carpetcaring for each other's emotions
are the changes it's easy blowing your own candle remembering the smell of your cake can be as difficult
as forgetting how to love or letting it in
trapped in
endless regrets
Passion and lust feads to its blue flame
comforting when seen but painful when
felt never blame
One another
trying is always half way's left to die
Is overdosing
our souls in intoxication
Or insecurities or differences
our state of mind goes in rejection
becomes dysfunctional
to affection
delusional to acceptance
our own paranoia becomes a tolerance
to ignite what felt cold transparent and blue
whether love is real or not A flame will burn either way
compared to life after death
it's all just an illusion
never forgotten but to be remembered !

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