I look all around me and all I can see
Is an invisible wall that was built just for me.
For the past few years I've searched for a way out
Now I know there is no exit, just another wrong route.
I can feel it in my veins that I'm in the wrong place
Not only in life, but in this body and this face.
The walls are caving in right on top of me
I wish I could make you understand, I wish that you could see.
My heart is full but breaking and I know exactly why
You think that I am faking, that this is just a lie.
You're wrong again, but you won't claim it so
If you would only look inside of me, then you would know.
My tears are my defense against these walls of pain
These walls are driving me crazy, they're making me insane.
I'm beating on the walls with my fists and with my mind
They're watching me and waiting for a mistake of any kind.
These walls drain my energy, I'm feeling vulnerable to their strength
I'm still searching for an exit along their unimaginable length.

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