His eyes sparkle with a killer twinkle
It blinds me at first sight
His smile so straight with prestige
Captures the women and Deceives their gullibility
But beyond his charm and hasty ways is a face of wicked man
His games so simplistic but yet demonic
Captures my attention with a swift glance
His fist balls on command
So I listen and learn every syllable of his satanic voice
Deep and raspy grasp my soul; Chokes my every prayer
Heavily breathing, harmonizing to my heart beat so instantaneous
Chlorophyll fills the air and plain sight becomes dark containments
I awake to the next brutal punishment for my embellishing new look
Locked away in his dark confinement
My vision shifts and forms shapes
Not being able to realize if I'm blinking or awake
I stare straight
I hear the creaking of the basement door
slowly crack against the hinges
And his breath drags down the stairs
I'll forever remain trapped as a prisoner here
Enslaved and beaten by the man

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