She drifts in and out of consciousness while losing control
She's chasing and seeking the dignity you stole
Her happiness and livelihood all withered away
She begs for death, with no reason to stay
If only she could forget your eyes, your musculature, your smile
She just wants to leave, go away for a while
But just when she says, "I can't do this, I'm done"
You lure her in again and like that, you've won
She may not want to dredge up the present or the past
But she's falling, falling, falling way to fast
You're killing her slowly and she obviously needs help
You strike again, she hinders a yelp
You're angry, so you leave, slamming the door
She reaches for a gun, not wanting pain anymore
You race back to her quick hearing what sounds like a gun
But you get there too late, it's over. She's done.

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