Is it really suffocation if you can't breathe?
Is it really blindness if you can't see?
Just a young girl claimed to be naïve--
But he's my lover, Adam, and I'm his lady, Eve.
Being pulled this way and that way, debating on if I should stay,
No one understands that he's the sun on my rainy days.
I'm dangerously in love and I don't care what they say.
If he breaks my heart while loving him, well that's my mistake.
It's a never-ending feud, me and him against the world,
Because what's a bad boy without his good girl?
No, I don't need the glitz, glam, diamonds, and pearls.
Can't a young lady love a man who makes her his world?
I'm beyond in love with this individual as a whole.
Only God knows how this man touches my soul.
And although he's reserved, he's also very bold.
Our relationship isn't ideal, but I can't let him go.
No, he's not perfect and I've hurt and I've cried,
Too deep in to change how I feel on the inside.
So many things left unsaid, meaning I have too much pride.
What's a king without his queen, I'm forever by his side.
Indeed we are young so let us be.
We're not bothered by whether you disagree or agree.
I do know that I love him and he loves me.
You were once my age, now let me be happy.

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