I'm trapped in a body, that doesn't belong to me.
You think this is a CHOICE, but how could this be?
I would never CHOOSE to be discrimi-nated against,
Judged, broken, always being told to repent.
I would never CHOOSE to disappoint my mom and dad.
I would never CHOOSE to be thought of as gross, wrong or bad.
There's something different about my brain,
But that doesn't make it wrong- it doesn't justify the pain.
I may be different, but I'm just trying to be me.
You preach this to all, until they don't act "normally."
My actions and "choices" don't affect you-
Mind your own business, let me do what I do.
You can think what you want, but don't spread your hate,
Or it's YOU who will be denied at Heaven's gate.
At least I'm a good person- loving, kind.
I listen to others and speak my mind
Without being hateful, judgmental or mean-
I'm sweet, pure, my thoughts are clean.
Now tell me this, Mormon, Catholic, Chris-tian:
Can you say the same? Or is this YOUR sin?

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