By Tdoy   

Lost soul trapped in an Abyss she lies lies on top of all of this no one knows who she really is. She put on a face and then she pretends. Why not? They seem to be happy with it although it's a battle going on inside her walls. She tries to fit in and to them shes doing fine, but to her she's lost. Afraid to be herself because no one understands so she's promiscuous and goes from man to man. Why not? They always have her back saying how fine she is and how she doesn't need to change. Yet she still wants to remain innocent & save the name. But what name could that be if no one ever knows the true her cas she doesn't allow them to see? Just trying to save face. Face, the face she put on for them, just save it at all costs while sacrificing herself. Poor girl doesnt even know she is lost.

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    This Poems Story

    This is about a girl who feels the need to be who everone wants her to be. She is afraid to be herself and she has been pretending so long she doesn't even know who she is anymore