All along this time
Whenever I looked into your eyes
I felt them so bewitching, I could fall into them and never come back
I let you inside me, thought that no one could ever be so right for me
Little did I know that I had fallen hard, little more than the last time, little lesser than the next
Your eyes so full of stars?
Your eyes filled with love?
Were they really true or did they blind me?
I tried to get your love and make you want me, but you never gave a heed and threw like you never loved me
Yes, you never loved me
Yes, I noticed that those eyes made a cage around my soul
But now when I look around, I wasn't the only one who was captured by you
I tried to free myself of you but the shackles were too clenched, they hurt me every time I tried to cut loose
As those days passed I realised the value of loving me
Realised that your eyes lied the most
They had a spark in them which blinded every soul
Suddenly I was set free
Had been a prisoner to myself this whole time
I know there is someone else waiting for me
He will heal me with his deception
Yes, I will fall hard again
Little more than the last time, little lesser than the next

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