Trapped in a Cage

Someday I would love to see the stars
Instead i'm trapped between some bars
Begging to be let out free
And when I do i'll run and flee
To some other unknown world
Instead i'm in this lonely cage

I'm trapped in here with no escape
My whole world was changing shape
I dream of escaping this prison
I dream of living somewhere new,
I dream of running and dancing with a few
But instead i'm trapped in this lonely cage.

As I sit here writing this page,
I don't even know my regular age
But i'm sure i'll remember one wonderful day,
Probably as i'm writing this page
Whilst i'm trapped in this lonely cage

I am now beyond the point of caring
I've even stopped swearing
I think it's best I just give up
Taking one last sip from my bright blue cup
And close my eyes to hope it's forever over
I've finally accepted that i'm forever trapped in this lonely cage

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