Trapped in my own mind.

Trapped in my own mind, stuck
no where to turn, no escape in
Days turn to night, over and over
and still yet no escape insight,
Thoughts of the past haunting,
a solider home but stuck at war.

Family and friends suround me,
But in my mind im still trapped,
and wondering why.
Nights it gets the worst, when no
one is around, the war always comes
back around.
Days, weeks, months, years go passing
by, but in the end trapped in my own mind
here i am fighting more then just thoughts
of war.

A father, husband friend and more, a whole
new kind of life.
but trapped in my mind a prisoner of war,
slowly getting tired of this mask i wear.

Trapped in my mind, because the secrets
they made me keep, the struggles and sights
I have to lock up and keep.

Trapped in my mind, I still try to apear fine,
Lies to those i love so they dont share the same
cell trapped her in my mind, tortured like me.

Trapped in my mind, Ive given you a glipse of my
cell, But what ive allowed you to see, is only the outer
shell, It truley is a living Hell.
Christopher Albro

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