Trapped in my own mind

I step in this room open minded so that I may keep my focus
Putting my past behind me so that my future won’t remain hopeless
Sitting here in this cell without a friend in the world
Don’t want to run with the wrong crowd to afraid I will never see my girl
So many thoughts run through my mind but still I maintain
After all it was my fault I got caught with that cocaine
Now I’m stuck in this hell with no one to bell me out
Surrounded by criminals with nothing to talk about
Weaken by the lack of nutrition and portions that were feed
But the hatred runs through my veins while the thoughts race trough my head
So I turn to god to keep me sane in this place
Filled with haters and killers with a distinguished look on their face
I don’t belong here but still I maintain
Knowing that the first mistake I make and I’m no longer a knight in this game
I can’t leave now I know it’s not my time
I guess I’m just the walking dead trapped in my own mind

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