Trapped Inside My Own Mind

I'm trapped inside my own mind with no intention to survive.
All alone, I'm asking myself why I am still alive.
As I attempt to sleep at night, I keep feeding myself lies.
Though that's all it takes for me to freak out and cry.
I struggle to live my everyday life without a single doubt.
I'm living in a hole, with no escape or chances to get out.
I've been teased, mistaken and misconceived.
It's slow, but surely I'm falling apart.
I'm consumed with guilt through my sad tainted heart.
Must find a way to take control of myself
Because no longer am I living on the top shelf.
I can't help it no matter how hard I try.
I must find a way, because the clock its ticking.
Counting down until the day I die.
I was always told to look for the light,
but I see none as I'm blinded by my own fight.
At this point of time, I'm mentally disturbed
With no way to breath, as I am fully submerged.
The pain is engraved inside of my mind
but as of today, I must find out why.
I must open my eyes to find the light.
Today I escape this eerie mind of mine
To become happy and grow a smile
It took awhile, before it all came clear.
But finally I see, that true happiness is near.

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