it breaks your heart, it makes you realise
some things are poles apart, it makes you ache
as you remember better days but which days were better
if there was always lingering pain
you feel yourself confused
thoughts swirling in your head,
why did god make a such a feeling
why couldn’t she grant me death instead
you’re asked to breathe but
your lungs don’t know what that means
you’re a catastrophe, a masterpiece
but your fragments are hidden
your wound is still fresh, you feel the pain flowing
in and out, numbing all your veins
you can’t hear their pathetic cries
the wailing sirens as they pass you by
you head is swimming, your body lies broken
and all you see are rivers of blood still flowing
your limbs are frozen, eyes staring wide open
the scent of torture is agonizing
and yet you continue to survive
yes, you think you can’t hold on for longer
but your soul is defiant, unwilling to cave in
so, the trauma will break you
and build you back again.

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