Travelers’ Tales

What's still fresh on my mind?
It's Africa, an open sky,
Children gather by the fire.
Like nightly stars in the distance, fireflies
Dot the dark night, its beauties never retire!
In the twilight of the night,
Every child is hungry for a story!
I say, Mama tell me a story, and tell it right,
To satisfy my curiosity!

Travelers, passing travelers,
Only home for the night, tell me stories
Of distant lands.
Tell me of people and their histories,
I'm a child but I can understand.
Tell me of other people's joys and miseries.
So I learn about their hopes
And cultures, without being there.
Without stories and tropes,
Life is barren and bare!

Traveler, tell me a story
About where you have been,
Tell me of life, tell me of love,
Tell me of the struggles you have seen!
Tell me how life's riddles are solved
From the places you have been.

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