Trayvon Martin, R.I.P.

To the man of many demons.
Why did you have to take a young man's life?
Especially a young black man,
Who could've been something great in this world.
Racism.why does it exist?
Why can't we learn to love one another?
What does justice really mean?
For, a mother just lost her son!
My heart bleeds for her.
Because of you, she'll never be the same again.
Oh, I fear.I fear you'll take another young man's life.
Lord, have no mercy on your soul;
Come judgment day, you will pay
For all the pain and suffering you have caused.
Eracism! Eracism!
To those who wish for this,
We must fight harder to increase the peace.
The world is ours-
Let's make it a better place.

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