Treasure Chest

The night festers 'maybes'
Velvet skies adorned with pearls
like they're spritzing themselves with Chanel number five
I don't want to forget the way they sparkle like new dreams
I am a full galaxy
Magenta and violet swirl around my curls like a masterpiece
Entwining me in bright light

Coffee stained school papers
Lipstick on white button-ups
I want to be a replayed movie scene
My crystal waves of laughter tinkling like glass wind-chimes
A ripple effect of my mauve lips curving into a smile

My brain is a closed casket,
jostling bouncy-ball memories
Early AM covered in darkness and blanketed in thought
Words cascade around the inside of my brain
If you cracked open my skull,
surely every beautifully ugly thought would
out like drunken privileged teens from a house party
Unraveling like ribbon tongues, tumbling out my open lips

I've seen their dull eyes growing like fungus,
constantly searching for that dimming light
But The answers everyone searches for are locked away tight
Cradled under chipped layers of paint and wood
Buried 50 feet under the ocean

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