Tree Houses

The Sun battles the clouds
Change is right around the corner
Keep walking
Let the light in
On a clear day,
The Sun shines for you all, my darlings
Stop hiding
Radiant with life,
Mineral stones show us God’s eyes
Watching the broken-hearted and the perfect,
He makes no judgments
Amidst the groups of trees,
Our minds wonder
Here and there, we’ll be
Before we even know it
The clouds roll on
The Sun comes out
In our tree houses,
We still hide
Let’s be different
Haven’t we had enough?
No more suffering
We are the Sun, the trees, and more
We will be set free out there
Trust the Earth’s precious jewels
Mother Nature battles to find you all
But maybe some of us can find her first
As we break the chains of our silence
To finally come out looking for the Sunlight

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