Tree of Many Visions" O,1,1,2,3

Tree of Many Visions" O,1,1,2,3,5,8... (in Fibonacci sequence),by Eric Hovinetz......
November 30, 2011 at 12:27pm

Ive only trusted plants,never a person,

since beauty latched hold,as primary diversion,

Ive burnt many people,and Ive burnt many bridges,

still I give all my love, to the tree of my visions,
karma struck my back ,vicious and ruthless,
for those who knew my story,well you already knew this,
some enemies kind,some violent and toothless,
I feel guilt towards them all,and urn for forgiveness,
it burns with my friends,and it burns without seed,
radiating serenity,harmony and peace,
it burns like a candle,as bright as a torch,
it burns in my mind,and teaches remorse,
it burns in the galaxy,and captures our hearts,
like the constellations, which ancients would chart,
i fear for the people,with irrelevant concern,

their suits and ties,and inability to learn,

yet happier now, than I've ever been,

I'm grateful for life, but hateful towards men,

one nation under god,until man disagrees,

homeless and depraved,the land of the free,

as man denies nature, my tree is illegal,

with his false sense of power,arrogance and evil,

now don't be confused,I'm contented with liberation,

but the tree of my vision, was replaced with medication.

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