Trek of Love

It was a normal late Atlanta hot Summer afternoon,
A sky without the sun, a thunderstorm without lightning, a cool rain without the wind,
The rain fell in a downpour as if totally exhausted from the afternoon heat,
Yet we prod slowly along the old brick street, feeling the brief coolness caused by the pouring rain.

As I stop to look at him, I could see the raindrops outlining the curves of his face,
Suddenly, my heartbeat changed as if my heart was growing in my chest,
I believe for the first real time I felt Love,
A feeling that washed through my soul and cleansed away my utter loneliness.

I thought I was in Love before, but I never known this kind of intensity,
I feel a rush of strength, as he grabs my hand and squeezes tight yet gently,
Ignoring the prejudicial southern world around us, he kisses me hard and deeply yet with a gentleness,
His confidence and eagerness emulating from him to me makes me feel invincible.

At this moment, this innocent trek home seems to be a romantic stroll along the gulf shore,
With the Earth at a halt on its axis and time at a standstill.
I gaze deeply into his soft emerald green eyes and all I can see is eternity
Only thoughts of our future, not the tragedies of our past.

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