Trial of the Broken

And the broken hid behind well crafted
smiles, they hoped to stand with the innocent, the ones that beamed from where they stood as they called a witness to the stand.
The witness said oh judge can’t you see, yes look at them smile and laugh just like they do with me.
Objection, declared the lawyer of the opposing side; for do you not see the tears that rim their eyes.
Now another witness was then called to the stand but this witness was not of the broken side and she promised to speak the truth and in honesty
she said, I watch them fade away losing them selves throughout the day.
The judge then brought the suspects to the stand and the suspects told their story, the beginning to the end. they declared not innocence but they spoke up to defend.
You watched us fade away, you watched it day by day, but don’t you see broken is not bad it’s merely healing, merely changing, yes becoming.
Objection! Said the lawyer once again, overruled declared the judge, continue as you were
we were changing for the better because now we will be stronger smarter braver and happier
Objection! Overruled!
We may have sat alone we may have lost ourselves but can’t you see broken isn’t bad it’s merely changing.
The suspects went back to their chairs as a judge told the crowd,
be back within the hour and my decision will be made.
So the hour past and the people took their seats. The judge raised her gavel and declared the suspects innocent because once she had been broken, once she had sat alone, and because she knew broken wasn’t guilty but the other way around.The blame should not be placed because broken isn’t bad but merely changing. The crowd was in an uproar, the suspect smile real. And The opposition finally found the broken wasn’t bad but merely changing.

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