Struggle, do you know the meaning?
When you breathe and you feel as if you're bleeding;
awake or sleeping nightmares are all I'm seeing.
When you're alive but still feel you should be grieving.
tell me, does this sound like it's real?
The test of life passed with strife,
to me, it's almost like a knife.
Does any of this sound right?
Blind my mind is out of sight-
this was my end of the deal.
Have I missed my shot, lost my chance,
or am I still trapped in my own past?
Will I last as I ponder within my mind of glass
how to escape this insane asylum fast,
with my faith as my shield?
The problem inside is hard to see,
especially when that problem is me.
Is this how life was supposed to be?
Please, Lord, come and set me free,
Thy true faith helps me to heal.
Then again, at night is when you see the stars-
at the end of the tunnel, the light isn't too far.
To strive and survive is who we are.
I can make it home, I've come this far.
my Savior's presence in my heart I can feel.

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