Trials and Tribulations

The trials and tribulations of the world we see
Are birthed into the world by evil and deceit; what makes anyone free
From the sadness and madness of this world to be?
The good die while the bad thrive, taking away from a sunny day,
And once again the darkness comes our way.
As we wait for he to be raised from the dead,
The unwilling and stealing individuals
Spread more and more red.
Trusting the ones who say they are friends
And yet may have never been,
What sets them apart?
Who knows what's truly in their hearts?
In the end, the good win and the bad are punished for their sins.
In our reality, bad things happen to the good,
And good things happen to the bad, how sad.
Empty hearts around the world,
Crying eyes that weep for innocent lost lives,
These are the miles and miles of trials that are set on our life.
To overcome them is the real fight,
And the tribulations that keep us down
Harden our hearts and make us frown,
But smiling faces will help erase this,
And allow us to face this,
Face the trials and tribulations that will make the world come down,
But if we come together in love,
We can ultimately make the world go 'round.

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