Trials of Unending Sorrow

My tears came down and streaming on my cheeks.
My trial is not over by a long shot. Let me be at peace within myself. Broken hearts need mended and to be treated gently like a new born. When I seen his pale face, I could not hold back the tears any longer. His wounds were as deep as the pain in my heart, as I cried myself to sleep. He is in a better place now and I can still hear him crying out for help. I feel lost for words, when I visit his grave. He was a great man and he never had a harsh word to say to anyone. My son was the most out going person you could ever meet. The thought of his kindness being taken for granted, just makes anyone want to take advantage of a good thing and ride with it. The tears just keep coming down, as I think of his bravery he had. Why would anyone want to take advantage of such a kind person? I have too be strong for myself and stand up for my son. I just ask that you think twice before doing this to someone who is as kindhearted as my son was.

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Being kindhearted can become a good thing if it is not taken for granted by others. Just learn to accept the good in everyone and do the same for them.