A primitive society in the midst of a civilized nation,
Breeds for the masses life fraught with failure and frustration,
Reminiscent of diverse tribal cultures, clans and revival,
Of internal civil strife, fighting fiercely for survival.
Tribal allegiances are diverse, more appear in each passing hour,
Enjoyed in gluttonous feast, with a taste not sweet, rather sour.
Negativism haughtily stalks highways and stilts public thinking,
And the air waves salivate with a diet of mass media drinking.
Average man shrugs his weary shoulders, moping meekly on his way,
Why ponder over tomorrow, when one can slumber through today?
Gun-carrying believers prate loudly constitutional idealism,
While politicians rant about immigration and economic realism.
Rise up people, the nations heart cries for a helping hand
Freedom proclaims,"Speak out!" And finally take a firm stand.
A taunting back turned, a lackadaisical shrug of the shoulder,
Creates a social media atmosphere for tribes to become bolder.
Tomorrow can't wait; the present too soon becomes mere dust.
Before fate knows it the popular tune swings to distrust.
Majority, awaken:Prince Charming's kiss will never open your eyes-
Such apparitions are only more tribal involvement in disguise.

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