Tribulation Jubilation


They call it the Covid pandemic much to my surprise
My heart fully engaged joy and sorrow both arise

Interior sparked fiery warmth watched nature reborn
Insecurity being stoked steadily with future forewarned

Countryside quiet wilted environment begins to regroup
Media using airwaves disjoin the world with their scoop

Mother Nature her magic the beauty of creation unfolds
Parents keep children occupied within their households

Unusual quiet wildlife out of hiding roaming free
With schools being closed youngsters watch their TV

Fox carrying her prey saunters the center of the road
The public being warned to stay inside their abode

Nature fills the yard prancing newborns having fun
Children stuck indoors instead of outside in the sun

Bird’s abundant source feeding young in their nests
The public encounter store shelves empty and a mess

Flowers prominent in the air emissions at a stop
Face masks worn in public makes breathing a task

Creatures who roam in the dark now daylight explore
People start emerging after a month stuck indoors

Something not seen since my years as a child
Little ones ride bikes in the streets as they smile

Interior flight exterior delight wondering how to perceive
Joy gives way to fear watching the world as it grieves

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