Tribute to My Life

By JaTerra

Always been a good child
That’s what my granny told me
She said no matter what
Ya momma a lil crazy

And I believed her
We were always in something together
Even through tough times
Imma love her forever

Because she was there for me
Can’t say the same for my dad
He never loved me
Made me a lil mad

After 7 years
He now wanna see me?
Where were you when I needed you?
It was too easy

I wanted him
I needed him
And he let me down

I mean, after 7 years?
Just turn back around

Always been a lil doubt-worthy
My step-dad ain’t no better
Always criticizin’ me
Makin’ me feel lesser

It hurts
It does
To know he thinks it’s funny

I’m sorry to say
Just because you wake up in the mornin’
Don’t make it sunny

This was supposed to be a joke
Supposed to be a game
Now I’m into it
Some may call it lame

I had a dream
That one day, I’ll be great
The inner me told me
You gotta separate…

Your life, your family
Your love, your hopes
Your firsts, your days
Your dreams. Cut the ropes

Cut the ties
Cut the feelings
Because no one cares
Count your blessings

Put your heart on ice
It’s where it belongs
Before you know it
You’ll be counting your wrongs
They’re always in the business
Let me be great
I told him to stay where he was
And wait

He didn’t listen
And now he’s done
I told and I told him
I don’t feel like I won.

Please somebody
Stop these voices
Sayin’ I’m not enough
I won’t make it
I gotta be tough

I gotta be strong
Gotta hold on
Can’t let it beat me because
I gotta go on

Told my parents
They weren’t too worried
They told me it was a phase
It’ll hurry

It didn’t
I struggled by myself
I faced my own self
I did it
On my own

Because as I went on
I noticed
It’s just me in this game
I promise

I cried and I cried
Prayin’ to the sky
The universe, somebody
That’ll notice the hurt in my eyes

So I turned to writing
I turned to singing
Turned to music
Even tried eating

Maybe that’ll
Take this pain away
And clear up
All these rainy days

I guess music stuck with me
I guess we all just have to find something
To confide in

I want the world to know
I did my best, I love my family
I tried to be perfect
I wanna live happily

It’s time for me to go
I’ll see you very soon
Something must be comin’ up
Look at the full moon

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